Often times we hear or see the word thankful near Thanksgiving. The word thankful has several meanings: appreciation of kindness, well pleased, expressive of thanks, and conscious of benefits received. In November we focus on these ideas. We sit around a table with the people we are thankful for while we eat food for which we are also thankful. However, with the holidays approaching, this got me to thinking about everything we take for granted.

We know what we have, we just never think about what we could lose. Even though it is one of the hardest lessons to learn, the West student body has learned it the hard way. Losing someone special is never easy. In spite of the pain we have shared, we have seen glimpse of the positive.

Thanksgiving is often a blessing in itself, but this year finding things to be grateful for everyday gives meaning to the holiday. As the week goes on remember what you are thankful for, wether it’s the small or the big.