Katie Miller

           I like to think that I’m a good student. It amazes me though that there are those students that are so beyond me in what they are able to do. Some people are so involved in school, and those are the ones I admire the most. How is it possible to be in multiple varsity sports, student council, and various clubs while still getting great grades and having a social life? I get stressed and forgetful doing the things I do, which is definitely less than everything I just listed.

            Then there are those students who discover cures for diseases or find typos in the ACT or build an entire boat in woodshop class. This type of dedication to schoolwork is incredible. These students are rare. I would like to think that if anyone worked extra hard that they would be able to do above-and-beyond things like that. It just takes so much focus that these feats seem unachievable.

            So how do we become better students? Maybe we shouldn’t wait to do our work until the last minute. (See my last post about procrastination.) Maybe the best students know exactly what they want their future to hold and they know the way to get it. Maybe some people are more naturally able to focus all their energy on schoolwork than others are. However you see it, I think we should all look up to these dedicated students, they have bright futures.