Homecoming Court

Katie Miller

We all know that homecoming is a tradition in the United States to welcome students and alumni back to school. The first college homecoming was held around 1910, and the event has become a favorite tradition of high schools and colleges ever since. Usually celebrated with a parade, football game, electing the royal court, and a dance, homecoming is a chance to show school spirit.

In movies, being homecoming royalty seems to be everything. The homecoming queen is generally the queen bee of the school, and somehow she is always dating the homecoming king. That isn’t how it is in real life, or at least not at West. No one campaigns to be homecoming royalty here. Each club picks their two nominees who are then voted on by the school.

Finally being a senior, the homecoming court is a lot more personal since it’s our class that is nominated. It’s us that are being voted on, and it’s our friends that we’ll need to vote for. I heard some girls in my class talking about the huge conflict of only being able to vote for a few of their friends. Of course everyone wants to win, so they tell all their friends to vote for them. But what do you even win when you become homecoming royalty? Honestly I don’t know. Bragging rights? Your picture in the Epic? A plastic dollar store crown? I don’t think it’s worth spending too much time worrying about the outcome.

But no matter how you view the importance of the homecoming court, every vote counts, so take the time to cast yours.