Apple Announces Release Date for iOS 7

Emily Beiter

On June 10th 2013, Apple announced the long awaited iOS 7 with preview videos and a run down of the new features. Since then, the software update has received a considerable amount of hype due to the complete revamp of the formally static iOS look. Along with the announcement of the September 18th release date, Apple also announced the iPhone 5C and 5S.

New features with iOS 7 include:

  • A more modern, Andriod-esque look with appearance updates to app icons, messaging,  the lock screen, calendar, and Siri
  • A new control center that’s accessed from a bottom up swipe that includes a built in flashlight and easier ways to access Do Not Disturb, adjust the brightness, and change the song
  • iTunes radio, a free program similar to Pandora that’s built right into your music app
  • A complex camera update that allows you to choose the frame size you want to take the picture in and built in filters, along with a new update to the photos app
  • A major update to Siri, including performance updates, look, sound, and quite a few more features

I first got my iPhone 3GS in March 2011, and have since upgraded to a 4S and have owned multiple iPods and a desktop Mac. Needless to say, I’m a pretty big fan of Apple. When I heard about iOS 7, I was a little iffy at first. I have always enjoyed the format of the current operating system- it’s easier to use and easy to navigate, and really, what was it going to do for performance other than make it look more streamlined? I found a download to the first beta version that was released and updated my phone.

I was, at first, quite impressed with how new and pretty everything looked. It was no longer boring and reminded me quite a bit of an Android phone. I was very impressed by some of the new features, particularly the new control center and camera update. However, not long after, the problems in the first edition of this glorified update became very apparent.

I found formally easy apps harder to navigate- I couldn’t find my way around music, for example, it took me almost 10 minutes to figure out where my playlists went. Settings was a nightmare, I couldn’t find anything I was looking for to customize my phone to how I liked it. And even after I did, I’m still very disappointed that iOS 7 didn’t come with more ways to make your iPhone completely adjustable to how you like it. Not to mention in the days that followed, I would leave for work with 100% battery and by the time I got home 4 hours later, I would be at less than 10%, despite only spending at most 45 minutes to an hour on it. It was also had so many glitches it was almost unusable at times, messages were a mess and I can’t count the times it shut off with no warning in the two weeks I had it before reverting back to iOS 6. Granted, I did have the very first beta system, but if there’s even a small fraction of the amount of glitches that I had, I won’t be upgrading when it’s released.

So, Apple users, are you excited about the iOS 7? On the fence? Overall, Apple has given us a lot to be excited about- however, I’m still a little nervous it’s a little too good to be true for use in the long term.