Oprah Dreamin’

Brianna Cole

It is the second week of my senior year and I can already feel the pressure. My schedule isn’t the issue and my homework isn’t difficult. So why am I stressing out? College.

Ever since I was in the fourth grade, I’ve been telling the world I wanted to be the next Oprah. In order to reach that goal, I want to go to a school with a great Journalism program. I also have to take location, size, and affordability into consideration.

Every student would like to go to the most elite school possible. My dream would include The University of Southern California without paying a single dime. But lets be realistic, I am no super genius and I’m not sure if I could survive being so far from home. Of course, I’d love a beach front campus accompanied with an amazing football team, but I’ve learned that there are more important characteristics of a school that I should focus on.

I can’t stand it when students say KU is the best school to go to because of their elite basketball program. Yes, it is the best choice if you’re Andrew Wiggins! It’s a huge and stressful decision on which college to choose. Daily, I receive emails and letters from schools who claim their program is the best for me. Picking a place you are going to live and learn at is an extremely big deal to me. I want the best education and I want to feel safe. I must fall in love with the campus if I am considering the school.

As my senior year continues, I will keep my mind open in order to know what is best for me. If I end up at JCCC or Yale, I will take full advantage of the opportunities that come my way. No matter what school colors I decide to flaunt, I know I’ll be closer to becoming the next Oprah.