The Stuff That People Post

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and seen a post that is totally pointless? I wonder why I’ll see people post the most random things that aren’t worth posting. For example, “ have homework  #schoolprobs.” I mean we all know that you have homework now and at this point of the year, who doesn’t? Sure we would all like to see how you are doing but not what you just ate or that random thing you just stepped in.

Now don’t get me wrong but hashtagging is cool but it can definitely be overused. “Playing xbox with my bro, #gaming #brother #killstreaks #awesome #nohomework #swag #NOONECARES.” I’ve been noticing this hashtagging trend pretty often lately but I guess there isn’t much I can do about it. I have become a victim of saying, “ hashtag” though which frustrates myself but you know, #YOLO. (Not going there.)

Next on my list to rant about, selfies. Sorry, I’m not a big fan of them. Some people like to look totally hot while some are doing the same but trying to see how far they can stick their tongue out. Or have you ever noticed when somebody posts multiple selfies and they all look the exact same? Sure you look nice but do you need to tell me three more times?

Last but certainly not least have to be the overly dramatic posts. Once again, I would love to keep up with y’all but I don’t really want to hear about why he/she shouldn’t have broke up with you. Some stuff should be kept to yourself and not be shouted to the world on social media.