Homecoming Recap

Homecoming season has finally come to an end. It seemed like a never ending process from dress shopping, to dinner planning, to decorating, and the list continues. HC week was much anticipated this year and it didn’t fail, for the most part.

The week leading up to the dance, I found myself constantly checking the weather for rain chances. Everyday the probability kept increasing, and each day I kept getting more and more frustrated. Friday night, the weather seemed almost perfect for the first half of the football game, but the minute the crowning was done at halftime, it started to down pour. It would have been quite a scene to see all of us girls out there on the field in our dresses in the rain… just kidding, that would have been down right awful. The rain didn’t stop, but our boys pulled an impressive win over SMN 58-0.

The rain continued onto Saturday, everyone’s worst nightmare. My HC group frantically started the group texts trying to figure what in the world to do about pictures. I cant even tell you how many times the location/times changed within a span of two hours. Most stressful afternoon on a dance day I have ever experienced.

Then I got to thinking, this is my last Homecoming. Stop complaining, and stressing and just go with the flow. The night turned out to be awesome. Dinner went smoothly and the dance was phenomenal. The “Rockin’ an Rollin” theme really played out well in the gym and we had a superior turn out for the dance.

Sometimes we all get caught up in the moment and forget to just have fun. This was definitely the most memorable HC I experienced through my High School years and I am sad that it is coming to an end so soon.