Word of the Day: Euphoria

Disclaimer: Our Convergent Media class is doing this thing where we are given a random word and are told to write an opinion column about it. As you can see, my word was euphoria. Before you begin, let me assure you that none of the following is meant to be taken seriously. In fact, most of it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Enjoy.

Euphoria is a crazy thing. If you can reach that ultimate state of happiness sans illegal drugs, kudos to you. But don’t do drugs to get there. That’s bad. A common goal of humans all around the galaxy is to get to a point in life where they are entirely content, and all of their hopes and dreams have been FULFILLED. Getting that dream job, making beautiful children and traveling to exotic places are pretty standard goals for the sane people of this Earth. Unfortunately, attaining all of these goals is usually extremely difficult. Maybe you’re really stupid, so getting that dream job is out of reach because nobody wants to hire you. Or maybe you’re ugly as all get out, so finding that perfect person is a chore. You can still travel about the world, but it’s not the same alone with a horrible job. But anyway, even if you do attain all of your goals, it’s still not euphoria┬ánecessarily. Euphoria is when you strip off all your clothes and waltz naked through a field of berries. What? Exactly, you wouldn’t understand. You don’t know my life. You’ve never been euphoric before. And if you have, congratulations, you’ve found the meaning of life. We all need moments of perfection in our life, where all of your problems dissolve away. To find happiness is the ultimate goal. But since you can’t always achieve euphoria, learn to appreciate the little things in life. That isn’t a joke. You should really do it.