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Copa America Centenario coming to the USA

In another win for soccer’s status in the United States, it will be hosting the Copa America Centenario in June of 2016. The tournament, a special addition of the Copa America series to celebrate its centennial, will be the first time it has been held outside of South America.

The Copa America Centenario will include all ten members of CONMEBOL, the United States, Mexico, and four additional CONCACAF nations. Currently the closest prospective tournament site to Kansas City is Reliant stadium in Houston, with all other prospective sites located on the East or West coast.

This is the first major collaboration between CONMEBOL, which represents the South American countries, and CONCACAF, representing the Caribbean and North American countries. Many hope this will lead to more  consistent pan-American tournament.

The Copa America Centenario must receive recognition from FIFA, soccer’s governing body, before it is able to obtain access to the top-league’s players. It will also coincide with Euro 2016, the European soccer championship.

Hosting the tournament will be a boost to the American soccer scene. Its rapidly increasing popularity can only be buoyed by hosting an internationally-renown tournament.