Super Upset

Can anyone beat Golden State?

Thomas Guccione, Web Editor

Creative Commons
This summer marked the 25 year anniversary of one of the original super teams, “The Dream Team” from the 1992 Summer Olympics.

During those Olympics, no one came even close to beating the Dream Team. So the question is…can anyone beat today’s “Dream Team”, the Golden State Warriors.

To see if the Warriors can be brought down, we must first understand how good they truly are.

Golden State has had the best record in the NBA three years in a row, going to the Finals all three years. Along with two championships in three years, they hold the record for most wins in a single season with 73. Then after that 73 win season, they added MVP Kevin Durant. The list of accomplishments for this roster is staggering.

  • 3 combined MVP awards
  • 5 combined scoring titles
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • 18 combined all-star selections
  • Coach of the Year

With all these accolades, could any team compete with that?

The team right now with the best chance are the Boston Celtics.

After losing Gordon Hayward during the first game of the season, they started the season 0-2. They have since gone on a 12 game win streak led a motivated Kyrie Irving. If not for the play of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Irving would likely be the MVP frontrunner. Though his PPG are down his efficiency numbers are up. He is also playing five less minutes a game than last year, which leads me to believe he will be fresh for the playoffs.

Not to mention Kyrie’s history against Golden State. Who could forget the infamous shot over Stephen Curry during the final minute of game 7 of 2016 finals. During that series, Kyrie averaged 27.1 PPG against one of the most versatile defense in the league.  27 PPG is not incredibly impressive until you remember he had to share the ball with one of the all time greats LeBron James. Now he’s the main man in a fluid offense, not just isolation shots for him.

Another team that has a chance to take down the Goliaths from Golden State are the Houston Rockets.

Houston is currently 2nd in the Western Conference only behind the Warriors. Their 11-4 record includes a thrilling 122-121 win over Golden State on opening night. After finishing 2nd in MVP voting, James Harden is looking to take home the trophy this year averaging 30.7 PPG and 10.3 APG. Houston has had this hot start without newly acquired all star Chris Paul who has been injured.

While this start is impressive especially without Chris Paul, the main reason to be skeptical about Houston is their record against Golden State. Including playoffs over the last three years, Houston has gone 3-14 head to head against Golden State.

As it stands, it looks like a longshot for either of these teams to beat Golden State in a seven game series. Boston’s record right now is keeping pace with Golden State, and if they could secure home-court advantage that would give them a serious advantage. Boston has the best chance at the moment to take down the four-headed monster of Golden State, and they will have a chance to prove it on Thursday night on national TV with a home game versus Golden State. If they beat the Warriors on Thursday, then the rest of the nation has to consider them a serious contender. Courtesy of Creative Commons