SM West Theatre Department Set to Perform Winter Musical

West’s Thespians are eager to unveil their newest musical.

Annie Rinne

Starting this week, the Shawnee Mission West Performing Arts department is presenting their rendition of “All Shook Up”. After two months of hard work, the theatre department is excited to show off their efforts.

“All Shook Up” is a musical inspired by “The Twelfth Night,” a comedy written by William Shakespeare. The story takes place in the the 1950’s in a small Midwestern town. The town gets “shook up” when a bad boy and a young girl soon fall in love. With its high-action plot line and upbeat score, this musical seeks to keep audiences on their feet.

For the seniors, the fact that this will be their last musical performance at West is creating some mixed reactions. While some are sad to perform their last musical, others, like Senior Ethan Evans, have a more positive outlook on the experience.

“I’m just really excited for everyone to see how hard we have worked,” said Evans. “It has been really fun.”

Theatre buffs and casual playgoers alike can find enjoyment in the play’s upbeat and bouncy mood.  Many of the songs are recognizable, and it can be fun for students to see peers up on the stage performing.

“All Shook Up” is being performed January 28-30 at 7:00 p.m. in the Shawnee Mission West auditorium. Tickets are $10, but students that present a valid student ID during their lunch the week of the show may reserve a seat for free. The theatre department recommends reserving a seat as soon as possible due to a high expected turnout.