The Power of One: Leadership Week

Kelsey Eisenbarger

National Student Leadership Week is coming up April 19-25th. This week is celebrated all over the US and this year, our vikings are taking part. The 2015 theme is ‘The Power of One’. The goal of this week is to challenge oneself to make a difference – one student, one teacher, one community.

At west, the week will consist of different clubs and activities’ leaders, collaborating and planning activities for the student body.

“The goal of this week is to make students aware of the importance of leadership and to showcase the opportunities to be a leader at West.” Student body President, Matthew Connell said.

There will be a seminar activity on Thursday, candy passed out in the mornings before school and minute music to fit the theme of each day. The themes are as follows:

  • Monday: Positive Attitude Day
  • Tuesday: no school
  • Wednesday: Flexibility Day
  • Thursday: Teamwork Day
  • Friday: Goal Day