The Loe Down

Q & A with Steve Loe

Kathleen Gartner, Writer

Epic: Where did you go to high school?

Mr. Loe: I went to high school in Kansas City, Kansas at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science.


Epic: What was your favorite part about high school?

Mr. Loe: Everything. I had an exceptional high school experience- a very diverse community, excellent teachers, great extra-curricular opportunities and strong music and arts programs. It was a unique experience because it was down in the inner-city but very safe.


Epic: What were you involved in during your high school career?

Mr. Loe: Academics were number one in regard to high school but I played bass in the orchestra, was part of the football team, did a little diving- I would say that I wasn’t very successful, track and baseball.


Epic: How many years have you been in education?

Mr. Loe: This is my 22nd year.


Epic: Where all have you worked?

Mr. Loe: I’ve been a Shawnee Mission lifer! My first four years were at Westridge Middle School as a language arts teacher, and then my next eight years were here with the Vikings- I was an English teacher. Then I spent six years as an associate principal at East, and then I did three years at Comanche as a principal, and now I’m here.


Epic: How do you feel about being the principal at your daughters’ school?

Mr. Loe: I love it. I don’t know how they feel about that (my daughters). We actually had a discussion when the job opportunity opened up. We talked about it as family because my thoughts were that it was their high school time, and I wanted them to feel very comfortable. The bottom line is that its a big enough high school where we don’t have to see each other all the time. Maddie was okay with it because she was a senior and only had one more year. Kenzie was a little more reluctant. Now I think she’s come around to realizing that she can still have her own life and not have Dad “stalking her in the hallways” as she said.


Epic: What’s the hardest/worst part about the job?

Mr. Loe: It’s a big building with so many things to do. I have to learn to be better at using the team, because there’s an awesome team here. They do so much work! I’m coming from an elementary where there was one building administrator, and here you have four building administrators, an athletic director, an awesome front office and counseling.


Epic: What’s the best part about the job?

Mr. Loe: The students, staff, and community. This is a beautiful place to be in regard to those things. The students are awesome. It truly is a unique place, and I know since I’ve been in other buildings.  And those other buildings were good, but there’s just a really tight bond at West among students, and staff, and families. It kind of sets it above the other communities.


Epic: What are you looking to improve or change?

Mr. Loe: There’s lots of good things here, but I think the one thing we’ve got to really tackle is the best integration of this technology. How are we best going to use the tools we’ve been given? The staff has really jumped on it.


Epic: What advice would you give to students?

Mr. Loe: You have to be actively engaged and try new things at this point in your life. It’s probably one of the most safe places to do it. In and out of the classroom, you’ve got to be involved. It’s boring if you’re not actively engaged.


Epic: What makes West best?

Mr. Loe: It’s that community bond between students and staff. It’s the unique element of support that everyone has with each other. I mean we’re not perfect, and we know that, but it just seems that this area comes together a lot of times. No matter what the situation is.