Surviving Finals

If you think you’re going to collapse trying to get through finals, you’re wrong. I have some ways to help you be prepared for the big semester finals that start on the Dec. 17.

First off, here is the schedule for finals:

1st block – Tuesday, December 17

2nd and 3rd block – Wednesday, December 18 (early dismissal @ 11:25 if you ride the bus, 10:50 if you do not ride the bus)

4th and 5th block – Thursday, December 19 (early dismissal @ 11:25 if you ride the bus, 10:50 if you do not ride the bus)

6th and 7th – Friday, December 20 (early dismissal @ 11:25 if you ride the bus, 10:50 if you do not ride the bus)



Studying tips:

Most important thing, put your phone away! That is the easiest distraction. Turn your phone off or put it in a different room so you aren’t tempted to grab it.

Also, turn your off your TV and make sure you’re in a quiet room.

Okay, let’s get started.

Most teachers will give you a study guide for the final but some might not. If the class has a textbook along with it, it is a good idea to read the questions, answer them (making sure it’s the correct answer), and then bit by bit, memorize the answers to each question. Don’t just type the question into good and right down the answer. It could be inaccurate and just writing down things doesn’t help you when it comes to knowing the answer.

Teachers don’t just give you those websites for no reason, they actually help! Playing games on the topic or practices quizzes helps your brain memorize the information.

Reviewing a little portion of your notes each day helps memorization too. Don’t just cram studying right before the final. Take a few minutes to study some of the information each day.

If you’re lucky, some teachers will give you a piece of paper or a notecard to use a cheat sheet, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT! That rarely happens and it could be what saves you on that final.

Reviewing past quizzes, tests, assignments, and homework also helps you to know what information will be on the final in the first place. Study those as well.

Day of exam:

When teachers and parents tell you to get enough sleep the night before, listen to them. Sleep is the number one medicine and food is the second. You don’t want to be focused on how hungry you are or how tired you are while you’re trying to answer question 17. So eat a nutritious breakfast and go to bed early.

Make sure you have a couple pencils on hand and any materials you need or can use on the final.

During the final:

Take a deep breath and answer the questions you know, first. Then, work from there. Answer the best to ability and if you just have no idea, do the best guess. Try to answer every question, because leaving questions blank is an automatic missed point. Just remember, winter break is just around the corner and all the stress will be gone when finals are over. If you’re going to be there for an hour and a half each test, you might as well put your best effort into it.