How to Make Finals Suck Less

Kelsey Eisenbarger

December 11, 2014

Just a friendly reminder that finals start on Dec. 16th...So time to start preparing. It's never too early. Freshmen: Congratulations, you've almost completed you're first semester of high school. (scary right?) Since most...

Finals: Questions Finally Answered

Max Meyer, Staff Writer

December 17, 2013

The time for finals has come around once again. Every December and May students test the knowledge they have learned throughout the semester, and also test their short term study skills. The thoughts of teachers and students reg...

Surviving Finals

Ramona Mansour, Writer

December 12, 2013

If you think you're going to collapse trying to get through finals, you're wrong. I have some ways to help you be prepared for the big semester finals that start on the Dec. 17. First off, here is the schedule for finals: 1st...

Candy Grams

StuCo Candy Grams

December 10, 2012

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