The New Royals!

Skyler Stuke, Reporter

Since the beginning of the year, the Kansas City Royals have changed many things in the franchise. The Royals have given hope to the team by introducing a new person on the team.

One of the first things that the Royals have improved on this season was hiring George Brett as the interm batting coach for the Royals in July. Kristian Scheureman, assistant baseball coach for the Shawnee Mission West baseball team, believes that the Royals “made the right decision’ to hire George Brett. When asked did George Brett make a difference for the Royals, Scheuerman replied, “yes, he didn’t have enough time to change the batters approach to the game.” Scheureman also added,”George Brett gave the whole team a whole new mentality.” George Brett was one of the all time greatest players in the franchises history. Unfortunately, the Royals found a new batting coach that replaced the   George Brett. SO, George Brett stepped down as the batting coach and returned as the Vice President in Baseball Operations for the Kansas City Royals.

George Brett change the face of the Royals when he was playing and now he has done it again! Now the Kansas City Royals are in the hunt for a chance to play in the playoffs.