Stress thrives this time of the year for high school students. With the school year almost over, the stress levels quickly rise. Border line grades, final review packets, and make-up work all contribute to students stress. Learning the ways to deal with stress can help you have a better final few weeks of school. Say if it’s a person or certain people that are giving you stress, your best option to help yourself out is to distance yourself from that stress causer. Also, control what is going on around you. For example, turn off the T.V. while you are doing your homework so you can concentrate on your homework and finish it faster. Instead of releasing your energy from anger by yelling or taking it out on somebody, exercise by running or shooting basketball shots to release all the energy from your anger.

I am definitely a victim to stress especially late in the school year. I’ve always wondered why teachers give such large review packets and by the time we complete them, there is no time to study it. Those review packets really put my stress to the test and I still struggle a lot with stress but I’ve been getting better. We are all close to the end of the year and instead of dragging to the finish, let’s all finish strong and not give up on any grade. Summer is just around the corner so just lock in on all school work and it will be here before you know it. One last thing, if stress is ever really upsetting you and has got you down, one thing that is very simple and is proven to help, smile, life is good!