2013 Track Season

With the Vikings entering the second half of their season, many are starting to look ahead to the end.

“We entered this year’s track season unknown and not sure what was going to happen.  We really needed a lot of kids to step up and take the places of the seniors that left.  It has taken some time to figure out where everyone fits best and the weather definitely hasn’t helped us out.  However, we are starting to find our rhythm,” Head Coach Rick Rogers said.  “Our main goal is to just go out and have fun and hope to come out with some P.R.’s in the end.”

“Sometimes looking ahead affects what we do now or what we’re capable of. We can’t control other teams and how hard they are working, so we just need to go out everyday and give 110%,” Rogers said when asked about his outlook for state and regionals.

We asked students how they felt about the team this year:

“They’re really fast.”-sophomore Megan Rongish

“The boys are really hot and the tight uniforms are a must.”-sophomores Kaylyn Olson and Paige Henderson