Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


Sydney Miramontez

On Thursday April 25, Shawnee Mission South Student Council and Shawnee Mission West National Honors Society will host it’s annual event Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. This annual event is taking place at the Shawnee Mission South stadium to raise awareness about domestic violence against women in the Kansas City area. Boys from both Shanwee Mission South and Shawnee Mission West are encouraged to participate in the event. The boys will take four laps around the track, while wearing some sort of heels. There is also a silent auction that will take place.

“I was on the committee last year and I had a lot of fun planning the silent auction and seeing the boys basically tape their feet onto their heels. Everyone should come out and support if they can!” senior Marina Sarkisova said.

After the event, stick around for the Varsity Girls soccer game between SMS and SMW!