How To Ask A Guy To WPA


Hey ladies, have a date in mind for WPA yet? Know how you’re going to ask him?

All of the staff members of compiled a list for sure fire ways to ask a guy to the upcoming WPA dance. Use any of our creative ideas, and he’s sure to say yes. Read on, and good luck with asking!

1. Make a sign for the Bridge.

It might be cliché, but it’s a great way to ask your date in a big way. Supplies needed are simply a large piece of paper, paint, and tape. Feel free to be creative on what saying you put on the sign!

2. Set up something in their car.

If you’re riding with the guy you’re asking somewhere, purposefully leave an item of yours in the car. When you ‘realize’ you ‘forgot’ the item in the car, ask them for their keys to go get it.

When you get inside of their car, use your imagination to set up something really creative. Do they play tennis? Soccer? Baseball? Put the balls that they play with in their sport with and write W, P, A, and a question mark on them, and set them on the dashboard. Be original. When they go back to the car and see what you’ve set up, they will be sure to say yes!

3. Have a cop pull them over.

This idea will take some elaborate planning, but will be well worth it if you can get it to work.

Know a cop? Know one of the school’s Student Resource Officers? Plan with them to pull over they guy your asking. Instead of getting a ticket, they get an invitation to a dance! They’ll be excited to go with you, and not to mention relieved they aren’t getting a ticket.

4. Tag their car.

During the school day, if you have a class you can leave from, go out to the parking lot and locate your intended date’s car. You can use either car markers, or cover their car with post it notes saying ‘WPA?’

5. The frozen bucket.

Make an invitation out of paper, and laminate it. Take a large bucket, and fill it with water. After placing the laminated invitation in the bucket of water, freeze the water solid. Take the bucket to your date’s house and leave it on their porch. Once they find the bucket, they will have to melt it or break the ice to get to the invitation. Have the invitation read, ‘Now that we’ve broken the ice, will you go to WPA with me?’ Cheesy yes, but also very creative.

6. Make a puzzle.

You can either use the back of a puzzle you already own, or buy a black puzzle at a craft store. With the puzzle together, write a message asking the guy to WPA. Take the puzzle apart, and put it in a box. Have someone give the box to him, and make him complete the puzzle to figure out who’s asking him!

7. Give them your shirt.

On a blank white t-shirt, write in permanent marker ‘WPA with…?’ on the front. On the back, write a bunch of other girl’s names in washable marker, and then your name in permanent marker. They will have to wash the shirt to figure out who asked them!

8. Give them objects throughout the day.

Enlist the help of some friends for this one. Have a friends give your intended date objects throughout the day each with one letter or word on them; W, P, A, with, me? Once all of the letters/words are given to him, you give them the last one with ‘me?’ on it.

9. Call them to the office.

Asking a good friend to the dance? Then this is a great idea. Have them get called to the office over the intercom. They will automatically think that they’re getting called to the office because they’re in trouble. The last thing they will think is that you’re asking them to WPA! Have a sign set up for them when they arrive.

10. Fill their room with balloons.

If you hang out with your intended date a lot outside of school, then this is a great way to give them a good surprise! All you need is a BUNCH of balloons and permanent markers. Fill their room as full as your would like with these balloons all with ‘WPA’ written on them. Feel free to improvise by popping up from under the pile of balloons when they enter the room.