Lone Survivor. Wow.

Lone Survivor quenched my thirst for a truly well done film. If you are not familiar with the plot here’s a quick summary.

The film is based on the true story of a failed Navy SEAL mission, Operation Red Wings. This mission yielded the largest loss of troops in SEAL history.Lone Survivor includes a masterful score, top-notch acting, beautiful cinematography along with accuracy to the event and attention to detail.

There seems to be an absence of true “films” in todays cinema. There are so many movies that come out.Sell-out directors make simpleton movies that are entertaining, yet they lack any substance or meaning. Lone Survivor helped bring back true films.

It is clear that the directors and others involved took time to learn about and research the event to really gain a feel for what happened. The emotion is so deep that even when the soldiers are shot you as a viewer feel as if you’re there with them getting hit by bullet after bullet. You are plunged into the struggle and adversity of those four Navy SEALs. When the “good guys” come and all is well it brought me to tears.

I was so emotionally attached to the movie that I felt like I too had been rescued from that nightmare of an experience.

I highly recommend this film to anyone. It 100% worth your time.