Just when you thought a piece of technology was as advanced as it possibly could be, your wrong and it becomes more advanced. Recently there have been a wide variety of improvements in technology from shoes, to smart phones.

Technology has appeared more and more in our society lately. In the recent manhunt for the Boston bomber, police used thermal cameras to verify that the suspect was camping inside of the boat. On the fun side of technology, sportswear manufacturer Nike, has created a shoe that is knitted together and is ultralight. With technology improving in so many different ways, it makes me wonder sometimes when will it stop, if ever? Or could we continue to make things more and more advanced? I like how the iphone works right now but will we see a day that it becomes the iphone 9? Also in the fun world of technology, there was a digital camera that was made to act like an ants eye. Experts believe that it could go into making more advanced security cameras someday.

As technology continues to become more advanced, we become more attached to it. I believe that sometime we will cross the line with too much technology or, have we already crossed it?