I have come to the conclusion that I am completely disappointed with my generation. I can not fathom how we, as youth, are being drowned by the wrong concepts. And we are not being blinded by force, we are doing it to ourselves. How? I will focus on the Hot or Not app.

Hot or Not is an app where one will take an “attractive” selfie, post it for others to judge, then people will rate the person on a one to 10 scale of beauty. Then, the app composes all of your scores and creates an average number of how hot you are.

Some may believe this is a harmless and fun way to find the beautiful people on this earth, but I have a different opinion. I do not judge those who wish to find cuties via an app with only the scroll of a thumb, but I do question the reasoning for posting yourself accesessviley.

I’ve expressed my view on selfie obsession and how some use it to gain some sort of confidence. As if 32 peers double tapping your Instagram picture could enhance your life.

What is the purpose for the attention?

We have reached a critical time in our lives. I encourage those who care what others think of them to find a different outlet. Don’t subject yourself to demand respect by your physical appearance. Be hot because you can turn any awkward situation into a comfortable one. Be attractive because you can recite every Train song known to man.