It’s a disease thousands of seniors suffer from every year. It’s very real. Senioritis.

Hearing of senioritis as an underclassman, I always thought the seniors were being overly dramatic. I watched as my peers lost their inclination to do work. And as they were missing school because of a bad flare-up of senioritis, I wondered, how bad could it really be? It’s only nine months, a year can’t be that hard to get through. I was very wrong.

Senior year really isn’t that difficult, our motivation level is just quite low. I can’t even explain it. I want to do my best, but I’m just thinking of what the future holds for me, and I can’t concentrate enough on the present. Luckily, I already know where I’m going after high school, but some seniors are still stressing about that. In the next few months, these people need to make a huge decision that will change the entire course of their life. Yikes.

I’ve always been told to enjoy every moment of my senior year, it’s the only one I’ll get. Although I’m trying to soak it all in while I can, the days are only blurring by me as I wait for the weekend, Thanksgiving break, winter break, summer break….

To every person out there suffering from this horrible disease: We’re all in this together. I honestly don’t know the cure. I wish I could give some better advice. I guess we’ll figure it out come May 9th.