Marina has something to say…

Well, these next (what seem to be not even two months) will fly by and there is so much I and many others leaving are looking forward to.

My past four years I have been allowed to experience so much and try out a lot of new things. I’ve been spending my time composing clips of other seniors and what they would like to say as a, well, farewell. Advice they think will be valuable for incoming seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. From, getting involved to, everything they would change if they could go back.

I bet as an underclassmen you hear “GET INVOLVED!!!” a lot. Or you hear the whole “GET INVOLVED… EARLY!” a lot.

I can attest to that, I do believe trying everything regardless of if you’re good at it or  not is essential.

Clubs are a big part of school. No, clubs are not just things that happen after school. There are many different clubs one can try out for or just join out of interest. Some of the clubs that pop out to me right away are:

  • PEP Club: These wacky people organize the PEP assembles that the student body attends. The organization sponsor is Kelly Gill in room 123 and this club actually involves early morning participation (yes, I know, for many of you even 7:40 is tough enough)
  • Robotics: Personally, I have not experienced robotics so I can not tell you in detail exactly how much goes on but from hearing around I hear it is pretty awesome. The club focuses on obviously creating machinery that later the group competes with. It can use anyone and everyone and no, you do not have to be a math geek or be super interested in science to participate. This organization’s sponsor is Ms. Leach (who teaches Physics and Physical Science)
  • German Club: Many of the students who take German enjoy meeting up after school so that German Club can discuss some events they would like to take part in, create, or take a trip to that has to do with the German culture. The sponsor is Mr. Scheuerman who is the German teacher.
  • Spanish Club: Students taking the Spanish language can join French club to broaden their knowledge on this culture and lifestyle. Doing many different things such as taking field trips and discussing different aspects of the Spanish culture.
  • French Club: Just like Spanish Club, students taking the French language can join French club to broaden their knowledge on this culture and lifestyle. Doing many different things such as taking field trips and discussing different aspects of the French culture, as well.
  • FCCLA: FCCLA focuses on involving the community and doing things to grow within the community area. FCCLA hosts things at West that have to do with helping out others around us. A big event, Safe Trick-Or-Treat is put on by this group. Anyone can join, the sponsor is Mrs. Choquette who is also one of the foods teachers (advanced).
  • GSA: Gay Straight Alliance is a club that meets up and allows for people to express and discuss their sexuality in a comfortable environment. This club creates awareness and gives a better understanding.
  • BPA: BPA is primarily for kids who are into business. BPA is Business Professionals of America and is sponsored by the digital business teacher Mrs. Krewson (room 20). BPA takes many trips to compete in the business area; some of their trips include places such as: Washington D.C., Orlando, FL, and many more. They compete in different categories dealing with applications used in the business world.
  • International Club: Sponsored by Mr. Redcorn, a social studies teacher, this club has started the first international festival at West in the spring of 2012. This club focuses on many different cultures of the world and discuss different fun activities to involve all of the cultures. This is one of the more recent clubs created.
  • Arabic Club: Something that is fairly new to West, Arabic was a language brought to the school about two years ago. This club focuses on the Arabic culture and allows students to see and be involved in the cultural activities.

But these are just the FEW of MANY clubs available at West. I just jotted what came to mind first but there are still so many things to explore. I would say YES! Join EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! Sure, sometimes it may seem like it is time consumed but as you begin to adjust you will realize that everything is spread out and some may not require much but could be very fun to be involved in.

Maybe you will even discover a talent or interest you never knew you had!