A Beard And His Thoughts: Feet.

When I decided that I wanted to write more this semester, I ran into one problem: I had no idea what to write about. On the first day of brainstorming someone jokingly suggested that I write an article about feet. And here we are now, a week or so later, and you’re reading a blog entry about feet. From here on in, each week (or whenever I get around to writing an entry) I’ve decided that I’ll take someone’s random suggestion and try to write a piece about it. So without further ado, here we go.

Feet are weird.

That’s the bottom line. Now you may feel different, but I’d bet more people agree than disagree with me on that fact. I mean how many people really like feet? They’re like hands, you know, if our palms were stretched out and fingers were shortened. Sometimes they smell funky and sometimes they don’t. Regardless of how recently anyone has washed them, they always seem to be dirty, and toenails are just gross. Basically, feet, like I’ve been saying, are weird.

But I think we can learn a lot about a person by their feet. Their shoes or lack thereof, both tell a lot about a person. And like Forrest Gumps’s mother always said, “you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they’re going, where they’ve been.” And just think about how true that is. Think about someone wearing sandals. Most likely the person you’ve imagined is relaxing, maybe even going to the beach. Now think about someone wearing high heels. Assuming you imagined a girl, she is probably trying impress someone, because from what I’ve heard, they are HORRIBLE and no one would wear them otherwise.

Now, think about where you’ve been in the shoes you’re wearing right now, think about where you’re planning to go in them. We’re all familiar with the phrase “if walls could talk…” but just think about what great stories shoes could tell. Every late summer night spent outside chasing fireflies. Every snow fort built in the freezing cold. Every puddle you jumped in or over. Just think about where they’ve been.

These are just my thoughts: feet are weird.