Vikings of the Week #2

Top Left: Noelle Eland Top Right: Juliana Morris Bottom Left: Joe Coleman Bottom Right: Anna Eschrich

Noelle Eland

“I get to express thoughts that I can’t always communicate. I think maybe I would like to write a book. I like poetry and short stories. [asked what inspired her to become a writer] It was my creative writing class in 7th grade. I want to be a writer. I want to write fiction.”

Juliana Morris

“I think I want to be a doctor or something medical. My mom is a nurse and she gets to help people. I don’t want to be a nurse because I don’t want to take orders from anybody. I don’t know what type of doctor I want to be. Biotech sounds really fun and I take psychology now, I’m kinda leaning towards psychology but I don’t really know.”

Joe Coleman

“I take a lot of music classes. I’m in the marching band, the Overland Express jazz band here at west and I take music theory. I’ve been interested in music since 5th grade. I just like it, I do music in school and at home. I play the tuba in marching band and the saxophone. I plan on getting an auto-engineering scholarship. I just like the class.”

Anna Eschrich

“I think its important to remember thats there’s other activities in school other than sports. I didn’t enjoy track or cross country because I just wasn’t passionate about and I just decided that I should do something that i’m passionate about and thrive in. It’s hard because performance is hard to major in. I’m interested in broadcast journalism so I’m probably going to go into that.”