Hanna’s Netflix Recommendations

Need a new show to binge watch on Netflix? I may have some suggestions to fill your void…

Hannas Netflix Recommendations

Hanna La Londe, Writer

I don’t know how, but I have come to the realization that I have done a lot of Netflix binge watching. What is binge watching you may ask? My definition is watching an entire TV series on Netflix over an insanely short amount of time. Say there are six seasons of this beloved show you are watching, a typical binge watcher may finish the entire series in three weeks. Yes I am a teenage girl, but I may have some suggestions of TV shows you’ll find yourself binge watching.


That ’70s Show – Most people have seen episodes here and there while flipping through the channels, but I highly suggest watching the eclectic group of 1970s teenagers from the beginning of their high school journey.

How I Met Your Mother – Again, a show that is often replayed on many different channels, so I do recommend watching this fabulous group of five adults deal with their hilarious daily lives and relationships.

Family Guy – If you’re into crude and mindless humor, this animated show is for you. The episodes are very easy to pick up on if you want to skip a couple here and there.


CSI Miami/CSI NY – Your basic crime show. Like the beach more than the city? CSI Miami has a lot of beach and ocean related murders.  More of a city-dweller than a beach bum? CSI NY will take you through some creative city murders and crimes.

Dexter – This show has one of the most creative plot lines I’ve watched. Dexter Morgan is a cop by day and a serial killer by night, though his murders are of criminals. Take a journey through this suspenseful eight season show.


Friday Night Lights – AKA my favorite TV show I have ever completed. It has all of the things I love: drama, football, and real life issues. Based in a Texas high school, FNL follows a fictional (though based off of a book and national geographic article) football coach and his team. Any high school situation you can think of is included in this show: death, pregnancy, injuries, drugs, and violence. A five star rating in my opinion.

Orange is the New Black – Although listed on Netflix as a comedy, I think of #OITNB as a drama. This show is a Netflix Original series about a woman who is in prison for a crime she committed in her younger, free-spirited years. This is definitely a mature show, so prepare yourself for anything and everything if you so choose to watch.

Grey’s Anatomy – Another of my favorite TV shows. There are currently 10 seasons and the 11th season will premiere on September 25. The typical doctor drama with some extreme season finale every year. I love the characters and the actors who play them.


All photo credit: www.imdb.com