Get me out of here

Isaiah Mckay, Editor

Senior year is basically waking up each morning with a minuscule amount of hope that miraculously your teachers will say that something drastic has happened causing you to graduate today.

But that meager amount of hope is crushed bit by bit with every Google classroom assignment posted, Skyward grade update, and the worst of all… daily student announcement emails. (Sorry Mrs. Ryan)

With that being said, this is my attempt to play my “get out of jail free” card. The only thing wrong with that is, I don’t get one. After dealing with nearly 14 years of public schooling I cannot take it any longer. I must escape. In addition….The end is so close, yet so far away. The only reason I can’t complain is because I must savor the memories with the friends I’ve spent most of my life with. I enjoy how comfortable I feel in my daily routines, but that will soon change when I am tossed into a completely new environment.

As I sit here remembering all of the wonderful memories that high school has given me, I can’t help but regret all of the missed opportunities. Many things I didn’t do or try whether it made me uncomfortable, subject to criticism, etc. Among these regrets there are several things that I am glad that I took advantage of and got the opportunity to do so.

It feels very obscure to not believe that I’m graduating in only a few weeks and will never have to walk through the doors of SMW.


Disclaimer: I WILL shed tears multiple times during the last week of school. Don’t pay my tears any attention. They are only a representation of how far I’ve come and what I have accomplished individually along with what we have accomplished as the Class of 2015.




Forever and always,

Isaiah McKay