Steve Loe: More Than Just A Principal

…He’s also a published author!

Steve Loe: More Than Just A Principal

Rian Stallbaumer, Writer

The Glimpsing Book

Mr. Loe is more than just the principal here at West; he is also a very talented writer! He had his first novel published on March 31, 2015, a young adult fiction novel titled The Glimpsing Book. Read below for a short summary of the story.

Twelve-year-old Sebastian is struck by the eerie similarity of photos separated by half a century and half the globe. The photos are of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but to the side in all of them is a mysterious boy holding a book to his chest, the same book in every photo. It is too strange to be a coincidence– but what else could it possibly be?

Back home in Virginia, seventh graders Henrietta and TP discover a novel that changes each time Henrietta reads it. When Sebastian learns that a girl his age has the book, he needs to find her.

Figuring out the powerful mystery of Unus Operor– the magical book that seems to have the answers to all their questions– involves saving Henrietta and TP’s school library, tracking down a famous author, creating beautiful graffiti in the school bathroom, and forming a meaningful new friendship.

You can find The Glimpsing Book on iBooks, iTunes, and Amazon. Check it out on these websites to get a preview of the first few pages!

Here’s his website :

It sounds like the perfect opportunity to have a new book club here at West. Be sure to read Mr. Loe’s book, The Glimpsing Book, and send us your review!