Q&A with Mr. Viking

Andrew Ferguson was the winner of the sixth annual Mr. Viking pageant. The pageant included a choreographed dance, pickup lines, a talent portion, and the top eight contestants advanced to the question round.

Juliane Francia

Juliane Francia: What made you decide to participate in Mr. Viking?

Andrew Ferguson: I had a fun time emceeing it last year and I figured it would be just as fun to be a part of it too. I knew the group of guys who also did it would make it a great experience as well.

JF: How did you prepare?

AF: I practiced to learn the dance, that’s about it. I kind of winged everything else.

JF: What did you do to fundraise and how much did you raise?

AF: I asked all of my family and friends to donate as well as people at SMW, but people weren’t too generous. I raised at least $200.

JF: How did you come up with your talent?

AF: Well, a couple years ago, my brother and I discovered that we could move our eyebrows and my parents couldn’t, so we just messed with my parents. One day we were discussing what I should do for my talent, and I realized I didn’t have any actual talents, I figured I might as well move my eyebrows and get a cheap laugh out of some people.

JF: What were your first thoughts when you won?

AF: “Wow. Those judges have low standards.” I didn’t actually expect to win, but I was happy to accept the crown and the oar.

JF: What was your favorite part about the entire event?

AF: Definitely doing the dance. Although the practices were rough, it was a fun bonding experience with the fellas and I think it turned out to be a pretty high quality routine.