Sincerely, Wet Hands

An opinion by co-editor Isaiah Mckay

Isaiah Mckay

Trying to avoid the restrooms at all cost is my motto, but sometimes you just drink WAY too much water and would rather not strain yourself.

After departing from the restroom, I see a familiar face that reaches out for a high five. Before I can stop to think our hands slam together and my immediate response is “Sorry the restroom had no paper towels.” Luckily they replied “it’s cool.”

But honestly, it’s NOT cool. I am not one who finds pleasure in air drying my hands unless I’m at the movie theater that has the “world class” hand dryers.

As you make your way from the bottom floor to the top the restroom quality and cleanliness increase each level. Not only is this necessary for you to know but there is an unspoken code regarding the restrooms here.

  1. You’ve most likely had this nailed into your brain at a young age but let me reiterate. WASH YOUR HANDS. There is absolutely no harm in washing your hands after any encounter with a publicly used facility. You definitely don’t want to get sick.
  2. Along with the first code, please LIMIT the amount of paper towels you use to dry your hands. If you grab 20 paper towels and only the first three actually get wet, this step is aimed towards you. I would rather you use three paper towels and be slightly damp than using your t-shirt in place of the paper towels.
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT is key. Maybe it’s not the best time to go to the restroom during passing period being forced to wait in a small line to use the facilities, especially if you have a long walk to your next class. Most teachers prefer that you take the opportunity when there is work time in the class. That is the best route.
  4. FLUSH, FLUSH, FLUSH. There is nothing more disturbing than having to walk into a stall to see the surprise the last person left for you. We are teenagers (most of us) and we should know how to act.

What I think that should be gained from this is the idea and acknowledgment of the wrongdoings regarding the restrooms at West. I hope this resonated with the students who commit these crimes each day and that you will change your unsanitary ways.

Wet Hands