Hallway Pet Peeves

Kelsey Eisenbarger, Writer

I guess after being in the halls at west for almost four years, I have started to pick up some hallway pet peeves. Honestly sometimes I walk down the hall and complain to myself about all the things people do that bug me. For all you who know me, I love organization and lists, so, here is a list in order ‘moderately annoying to extremely annoying’ of all the things that bug me in the hallway.

8. When people keep their laptops open and in their hands to listen to music. Like seriously? Please put your electronics down and pay attention to where you are going.

7. Overly dramatic people. Screaming and yelling at your friends from across the hall is so uncalled for, guys.

6. Congregation in time square. There is at least one administrator in time square yelling at students to not stand in time square, yet they never listen and continue to block the hallways anyways.

5. People who go out of their way to meet up with friends who are not even in the same wing of the building…I mean if you want to meet up with people go for it, but when you’re late to class and you don’t have an excuse other than ‘I was talking with friends’…I don’t want to hear it.

4.  PDA…This shouldn’t effect me because it’s not my relationship but sorry, I just do not like seeing couples ‘making out’ before heading off to math class for 45 minutes…Can you really not handle less than an hour of separation from your significant other?

3. Walking on the left side of the hallway, this isn’t Europe, people. Here in America we ‘stay right’. That applies to door ways and stairwells as well as hallways.

2. Slow walkers. Five minutes, guys. That is all we get for passing period and when I have to get all the way to choir from Tennant’s room on the other side of the building…I don’t have time to walk behind snails. Places to go, people to see.

1. People who change directions. First of all, why are you walking in the wrong direction to begin with? Don’t you have somewhere to be? Its frustrating to be ran into by someone who abruptly turns around and runs into you without even apologizing.

I apologize for my judgmental rant. I’m sure a list of annoying things I do could easily be turned into a blog (don’t get any ideas). Just remember, while in the hallways of west; be courteous of the people who actually try to get to class on time and attend to hallway etiquette.

Together we can make the hallways a better place!