Hallie Fitzsimmons , Writer

Finals are here! We have to buckle down and get through these tough tests so we can relax and focus on family over break. We have to suffer through a week of tests and cramming for over a week of free time. Here are some test tips that will help you be less stressed and get a good grade so you can have the best break.

1. Start reviewing a week or more before your actually test. This is well help stimulate your prior knowledge on the class. You don’t have study for hours, maybe just 10-15minutes. Do this every night and you will be set for finals

2.Get a study group together. It’s fun to study with friends and you are all motivated to get a good grade. You can have fun while getting some studying done.

3.Eat a good breakfast. I know it sounds cliche but it actually helps. And don’t forget to drink a cup of water! This will help your brain stay focused and wake you up to do better on your final.

4. Its okay to cram the day before your final! As long as you have been studying all week as well.

Follow these tips and you will for sure do better on your finals! Good luck and have a happy break!