“There’s no place like Home”

Life in the Bread Basket

Hallie, Fitzsimmons

Kansas. Population: 2.9 million. 82,276 sq. mi. Known as “The City of Fountains,” our home sweet home.

Kansas has many great opportunities, like having some of the best academic colleges like Kansas State and the University of Kansas, it’s just not the same as living in a big city. It seems that there is really nothing to do here.

But what’s not here that you can do anywhere else?

It’s home to the WORLD’S largest water-slide, which is just one of 2 water parks we are close to.  Not to mention World’s of Fun is an amazing amusement park with 5 roller coasters that is only 30 minutes away. Then we have the Oak Park Mall and The Legends as shopping center which have a wide variety of stores. Kansas City is one of the biggest cities around and its no surprise  that major artist come to perform at the Sprint Center.

There are also activities offered closer to home as well. Theatre in the Park in Shawnee Mission Park is a cool place to get involved and a relaxing theater performance to watch on the weekends. And there is at least 3 movie theaters within a 15 mile radius of each other. Even Ikea chose to open up one of its prestigious stores here so Kansas must be doing something right.

We also have the privilege to be living in Johnson County. CNN ranked Overland Park 9th on one of the top 100 cities to live; along with 2 other JoCo cities. Kansas has been home to many great celebrities as well. Dr. Phil, who attended Shawnee Mission North and Dwight D. Eisenhower, president of the United States of America from 53-61. Plus Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis attended our own Shawnee Mission West. There was even a movie made about Lenexa called “Full Count” which was directed by a West alum.

Kansas itself is really pretty. While it may not have mountains or an ocean, there is no denying that the prairie can be one of the most beautiful sights during a sunset. Kansas has some of the most beautiful thunderstorms as well and it experiences all 4 seasons. Who doesn’t like playing in the snow when school has been cancelled “due to inclement weather”, or being able to go swimming when it’s 90 degrees out.

But Kansas still has its stigma of being a farming community because, well… we still kind of are. At 87th and Lackman there is a cow ranch, and there are 3 others right by Target and Walmart. Even in the hub of Kansas’s most developed cities we still have our stereotypes. But honestly,who cares? Kansas is a great place to live.

Dorothy really does say it all, “There’s no place like home.”