DEKA Prosthetic Arm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live life without one of your limbs that you use everyday?
A new and groundbreaking bionic arm will soon be available to amputees. This bionic arm was invented by Dean Kamen, who is also the inventor of the seg-way. This incredible new prosthetic arm was inspired by Star Wars.

The DEKA arm is completely controlled by signals from your brain.

The difference of this prosthetic arm from others is that the DEKA arm lets you perform more delicate tasks such as holding eggs, and using zippers.The arm is powered by batteries and is about the size and weight as a real arm.

One of the problems with this new prosthetic arm is that is cannot be fitted to elbows or wrists. It can be fitted only to shoulders or mid arm.

This arm will allow amputees to carry out lives much easier and live more “normally”.