2014 Billboard Awards

The 2014 Billboard Awards was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is home to many amazing performances as well as deserving award winning artists. The show was hosted by none other than Ludacris and kicked off with an energetic performance by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.

Although the first performance did its job which is getting the crowd excited for the show, I personally despise Pitbull and I know J Lo could do a lot better as well. A performance I enjoyed thoroughly was Iggy Azalea’s performance of her new hit “Fancy” and her performance with Ariana Grande with their new song “Problem.”

I was also blown away by the upcoming band from Australia, 5 Seconds of Summer. Their hit that has been playing over and over on the radio station, “She Looks So Perfect was an amazing television debut for the band. They had amazing stage presence as well as vocal performance and I can definitely see myself looking more into their music.

Katy Perry blew the audience away with her performance in Newcastle. It was a very extravagant birthday performance for sure. One of the main things that crossed my mind was how amazing of a birthday it would become if Katy Perry herself pulled me up on stage for that performance.

The most amazing part of the awards was the special performance debut of “Slave to the Rhythm” performed by none other than the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Of course it wasn’t actually the king, but hologram technology made the performance look so undeniably real that it had some audience members in tears. Every dance move was executed exactly as it would if it really were Michael Jackson.

After that performance, this show got my approval for being the best Billboard Awards that I have seen in quite a long time. It had moving performances as well as feel good performances, gave awards to deserving artists from all over the world, and even had a joke or two about the altercation between Solange Knowles and brother-in-law, Jay-Z. I’m excited to see how they will top this years show or if they will even be able to come close.