SMSD Borders Changing

Changes are happening to to the SMSD borders, causing some students and parents panic.

The borders for SMSD will change at the beginning of the 2014 school year. Students who must change districts or schools will receive a letter in the mail to notify them. But how does this effect some people?

Parents are scared that those who have to switch schools will get less help and end be less successful. Happy with the help they have at Broadmoor and the environment the kids have anxiety about switching.

Several kids who attend Broadmoor Tech Center that have special needs have a specific design schedule to help them to succeed. This helps lowers stress and anxiety .

Though most will transfer to Crosstrails which offers the same program, switching school is hard and stressful for anyone. Some students are scared of how they will get along with others at the school or if they will connect at all. The district believes switching kids to neighborhood schools would be more effective for them. The majority has wanted this to happen.

But the district has another idea and we all know they have the power of what’s going on when it comes to the borders. Hopefully the switch in schools will not cause a bunch of stress and will be successful.