Review: ABC’s Revenge


I always find myself scrolling down my queue on Netflix, then randomly selecting a show that has at least 4 stars or rave reviews. I give each show about one episode to determine if I am into it or not.

The show Revenge did not disappoint.

Alluring and genuinely entertaining – though you worry how it all will end – is ABC’s Revenge, Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp) is the daughter of a man who was framed for something he was not involved in.

Clarke returns to her childhood home to release her revenge on all the people in the Hamptons that wronged her father. This includes her father’s lover Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), who (under pressure) turned against Clarke’s father.

Once Clarke gets ahold of the people in the Hamptons, it becomes a never-ending battle between right and wrong. She fights to not only clear her father’s name, but to subtly point out the REAL suspects.

The Hamptons are filled with lots of people who pay to erase legal situations, crimes, and other injustices they’ve committed.

How many people can get tangled in her web of revenge before she gets trapped in it as well?

Watch the trailer below: