Hot Air Balloon Crash

On Saturday, May 10, a hot air ballon carrying two people along with the pilot crashed into the countryside at the Mid-Atlantic Balloon Festival near Richmond, VA.

There were thirteen hot air balloons in the air on the eve of the Mid-Atlantic Balloon Festival, and three were supposed to land next to each other. Two landed safely, while the other was the balloon that crashed and caught fire, killing three people.

The two people traveling along with pilot, Natalie Lewis and Virginia Doyle, were members of the University of Richmond women’s basketball team. The remains of the bodies were found on Saturday. Citizens witnessed two people jump or fall from a basket at a very large height. The incident occurred on Friday night.

The remains of the third person, pilot Daniel Kirk, were found on Sunday just 100 yards away from the other two girls. The father of Daniel Kirk, Donald, said that Daniel was a very good pilot and that he didn’t know what had happened.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that all of the balloons’ safety record were up to date after checking them before they took off. The authorities still don’t know what caused the ballon to crash into power lines, catch fire and drift off.