Dress Code Controversy

Controversy about school dress codes have been sweeping the twitter nation.

Lately there have been multiple posts on twitter over the dress code policies in school.

These posts have been saying that dress codes are made so boys won’t be distracted. People say that they are angry that schools are responding by saying “boys will be boys” and its making it ok for boys to look at girls as items and not individuals.

I feel as if dress codes are made to teach students they must look professional when in situations such as school, work, and other situations. Lets face it, if there was no dress code girls would be coming to school in bandeaus and shorts that show off way too much in these hot summer months.

Girls aren’t the only ones guilty of of showing off too much, boys would also come in cut up shirts showing off arms and stomach.

The dress codes in schools shouldn’t be considered unfair. Basically, dress codes don’t allow strapless tops, tops that show too much of your stomach, clothing with inappropriate graphics, and shorts that are too short.

I agree that boys shouldn’t get a free pass to look at girls as objects and be inappropriate but I don’t believe that these are the reasons that dress codes were created or are enforced now.