Yearbook Day

Don’t hate, appreciate

Friday is the day; yearbook day that is. A day in which everyone frantically goes around for signatures, with semi-sincere messages of friendship attached. A day where everyone happily receives their books, scouring it cover to cover for photos of their own smiling mugs. However, as soon as the excitement subsides, the criticism starts to pour in.

“There are a many typos, do they know how to proofread?” or “Why did they forget photos for that page?” are often heard in the hallways. In the past you’d even hear me harping on the yearbook, I just couldn’t comprehend how some of the errors made it into the book.

However, you will not find me giving the Saga any grief this year. As a frequenter of room 11, the journalism hang-out, and writer for the Epic I had an up-close view to how difficult it is to put together the Saga. The co-editors, Dylan Crow and Jen Mahr, have slaved away at the book since August. They spent numerous blocks a day, everyday, creating the 384-page book. A book that we will use to find old classmates, remember the glow of South’s district stadium during football games, and that our children will mock as they grow up.

The amount of work creating a 384-page book requires is daunting. Despite numerous obstacles, the yearbook staff were determined to encapsulate this school year in print. The ups and downs can all be located within its large, glossy pages.

Thus instead of criticizing the Saga, I challenge everyone to compliment a yearbook staff member. We should all be grateful of their efforts to create a product, that while essential, receives such little recognition.