Random List For Returning Students

Well, my days are dwindling down within these halls. It is bitter sweet to wave goodbye to the Otis cookies, awkward dances, Writers Workshop, and friends. I wanted to leave you remaining students with some advice so here’s a random list to keep in mind.

  • Never write quotes on the bathroom walls. Your inspiration doesn’t convey while we’re in the stalls.
  • If you’re playing music on the computer, keep in mind that the rest of the room may not want to hear ‘Talk Dirty to Me” an unreasonable amount of times. Be considerate.
  • Why are you clumping in the middle of Times Square? Your clique isn’t as important as my Derch test that I’m late for.
  • If you’re going to spend money at a sporting event, you might as well cheer. This is not just a juvenile social event.
  • Stop saying “Or Nah”…it isn’t funny anymore.
  • They say procrastinating is bad, but you got to do what you got to do. Don’t feel shameful.
  • Branch out of your friend group. If you think people are not good enough for your friend group then you should just pause for a minute.
  • Take Writers Workshop because sometimes we all need a hug.
  • Don’t tell a student photographer to take your picture because we hate it, it is annoying, and we can’t use non-candid photos anyways.
  • Regarding the last bullet, do not use obscene hand gestures in pictures intended for yearbook, newspaper, or website. If you do, contemplate your maturity level.
  • And finally, bring headphones to school so you can go with your own flow.