Behind the Scenes: NHS Talent Show

Reflection on running the first annual NHS Talent Show

The first annual NHS Talent Show took place this past Saturday. Now I can take a huge sigh of relief. As president of NHS, I was in wading into uncharted waters as we broke from tradition and stopped hosting Rock for Hope.

Going into our terms as the 2014 NHS officers, we knew that we had to make a change. NHS had grown into a hugely bureaucratic society, with Rock for Hope at its outdated heart. Rock for Hope, hugely successful in its prime, was a charity concert combining both high school and professional bands. The bands played at various locations around the school. Personally, I did enjoy the show. However, the attendance was dismal and made up primarily of NHS members. Thus, after a mediocre fall event in Future Viking Fun Night, we went into action.

There had been a clamoring for a school-wide talent show for quite some time. There were similar events: Lip Sync, Spring Show, Spotlight Spectacular, and Mr. Viking to name a few. However, there was no catch-all talent show that anyone in the school could participate in. With this in mind we decided to fill this void.

At first our Talent show was full of problems, with very few people to signed up for auditions. Then, miraculously, we had a rush of audition sign ups just before they took place. After that first hurdle more seemed to mount. Tech issues, communication blunders, and possibly the worst rehearsal ever (on show day)made our prospects seem bleak.

Then, the heavens seemed to open up and sunshine flooded down on our small production. We had a lively crowd, truly talented acts and no major tech problems. Afterwards, as the officers basked in the afterglow of a successful production, we received compliment upon compliment. We had accomplished our goal: to overhaul the NHS spring event. To be honest, we could have received more money by begging our parents. However, the succsess of this years Talent show cannot be judged based on solely this year. It will be judged on how it grows and prospers over the next several years, with the foundation laid by the class of 2014 NHS officers.