FMP 2014-2015

The FMP list of 2014-2015 has been posted.

FMP stands for Freshmen Mentor Program.

“It gives them mentoring on the first day of school and in every seminar class. We play games to get to know each other and the mentors are also here to help with homework and getting around school,” says Alyssa Callaghan, junior, FMP for two years.

Many people want to become a mentor because their own mentors made a big impact on them freshman year. I asked Addie Arner, sophomore, why she wanted to be an FMP and what made her decide to do it again.

“I really enjoy getting to know the freshmen and helping them adjust to high school. Also, it is a rewarding feeling to see how far the freshmen have come by the end of the year.”

Lucas Leighton is a senior now that is graduating this year and has been an FMP for all three years. “As a freshman, I had a great time getting to know some upperclassmen and even some students in my grade that I wouldn’t have the chance to meet otherwise.”

Joining the FMP program is good for all grade levels. It helps to make your high school career better by learning how to get involved around West and by getting help with school in general. The deadline has passed to apply for 2014-2015, but if you are not a senior now or will be next year, apply and see how you like it.  You would not regret being apart of the FMP program.