U.S. History Field Trip

On Tuesday, Mrs.Maguire’s U.S. History classes set out on a field trip to the Negro Leagues Museum and the Jazz Museum in downtown Kansas City.

While on the trip students learned about the struggles of some of the first African American baseball players, and about many iconic figures in the jazz community.

The museum offered many short films that gave you a better insight into the lives and cultural events of people over 50 years ago. The many displays of artwork and artifacts made you feel as if you had traveled back in time and stepped into the shoes of the people who lived in this time.

After touring the museums, students piled onto the buses and headed towards the well known restaurant, Arthur Bryants. Students filled up on tasty barbecue and thick cut fries.
Leftovers were put into boxes and taken onto the bus where many student continued to snack on their food.

After a day filled with learning about the Negro Leagues and original jazz music, students were exhausted and many fell asleep on the bus ride home.
Students then returned to school to finish out the day with their 6th and 7th block classes.