Rules on rules on rules

As I’m sure you all know Assassins 2014 is in full swing. Seniors are pitted against each other in an all out war, friend against friend, every man for himself. But, with any large-scale game, there are some guidelines. This year, however, there seem to be quite a few. Six pages of rules were posted to the SMW Assassins Twitter on April 21st, the day the game began. It features such obscure rules as, ” A player cannot be assassinated entering their place of employment, but can be assassinated on the end of their shift while exiting the building.” As the pages of rules drag on all you find is a lengthy list of more overly-specific guidelines for ’14’s assassins.

COME ON Y’ALL! No assassinating at work, or at school. Everything else should be fair game. Not only would the game go faster, but less rules would allow for more outrageous and exciting kills. With so much to pay attention to, players are forced to basically only get kills in their targets front yard. There are so many restrictions on a game that is all about creativity and freedom.

However, I did not have the courage to organize the entire event so I don’t have much room to talk. I am proud and impressed by the coordinators, Ashley Mercer and Logan Tritt, for organizing this massive game. Thank you for taking on this task with such vigor. Best of luck to those who remain, may the odds be ever in your favor.