Q&A w/ Dr. Crain

Epic: How do you feel the year has gone so far?

Dr. Crain: I think the year has been an unusual year for us, but we’ve made gains in the face of very strong challenges. I would chalk up this year as a positive.

E: Did you have any worries coming into the school year?

C: Of course! Worries in the sense of new challenges, but it’s a known environment for me. It’s a lot of responsibility being the leader of a lot of kids and adults that care for kids.

E: With being a leader there comes challenges, what was your biggest challenge this year?

C: Well, meeting the emotional needs of kids through the losses and making sure kids are safe and emotionally sound.

E: What was your greatest success?

C: Our greatest success is not one particular event, but its a culmination of events that show us the kids’ participation, their experience, their love for performance. Whether that’s in athletics, academics, activities, classes, and choir. There is not one in particular that I celebrate, its all the different events.

E: What are some goals you have for next year?

C: Well for next year we would like to focus what we can do to raise academic standards, that’s always at the forefront. Our technology is a big push from the district, that is going to be a challenge for us to get kids acclimated to technology, as well as parents. Also, continuing to be thankful for not only the academic benefits along with the technological benefits we have but for the community and feel that we have. We are bound together in so many different ways and connections.

E: With all the losses we’ve had this year, what advice do you have for students?

C: Draw people closer to you, and keep making connections. Your faith and loved ones are what pull you through in these situations, and that’s what pulled us through.