The Injustice of Last-Minute Projects

Ever since I can remember, teachers have been piling on last-minute projects and huge assignments in the weeks leading up to summer. We’ve all experienced it, but what is the cause of this unfair phenomenon?

Does it stem from an increased contempt for students, or simply general laziness? I believe that neither of these things are true. The only logical solution is that all teachers are involved in a district-wide conspiracy that obligates them to cause students extra stress just before summer. Year after year, teachers have come together to make our last weeks incredibly hard. We too, as students, must come together in these trying tines. Unfortunately there is not much we can do. This injustice, although quite unfair, is something we will simply have to deal with. Summer is on the horizon and approaching quickly. All we can do is power through these projects, and soon they will be a distant memory.

Don’t give up hope. Stay strong and united, and together we can overcome this conspiracy of sheer evil and arrive at that beautiful finish line: sweet, sweet summer.