Highway Shootings

Many shootings have been occurring along stretches of the interstates 435 and 470

Driving in itself is scary to me but now more then ever I’m staying off the high way.

So far only one person has died in at least 20 shootings that have occurred on the highway since March . Many have been injured or have found bullet holes on their cars. Most of the shootings seem to stay on the Missouri side of I-435 and 470.

The shooter seems to be targeting drivers in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The areas usually consist of major highways and roads around the city. Investigators are encouraging drivers to stay vigilant on freeway entrances and exits.

The FBI has also recently been included, suspecting these shootings could be related to other known highway shooters. They have recently used K9 units to help find cases around the shooting scenes.

Police are increasing their presence on the highway and are hoping the number of incidents will change as they investigate further. Right now a reward of $10,000 is available for information that could lead to an arrest.